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12th-Jun-2007 10:56 pm - Holy crap -- update!
Yes, first update in almost a year -- finally I have a scanner that seems to be working, again.  And things are settling down to a certain extent.  Hurrah!

The comic proper should (fingers crossed) return in a couple/few weeks.  This one-shot was drawn while the Boy and I drove from the east coast to the west coast for our move, and I'm crappy at drawing us.  The Boy no longer has a beard, and I no longer have long hair, but hey, we no longer have a rental truck, either.

Sorry for the huge, unexpected hiatus.  I am not dead. :)
14th-May-2006 05:12 am - This lj...
Cheesy, Hi There.
Y'all may have noticed I went back to announcing updates on my journal. Apparently plenty of people care enough to click a link in my journal to read it, but not enough to join a community that would tell them. Hmm.

Just thought I should say something about it. :) Not getting rid of the community or anything, though...
24th-Mar-2006 02:42 am - Update!
Like it says up in that there subject line.... the comic, she is updated.
17th-Mar-2006 03:29 am - Update
For reals, yo.
8th-Mar-2006 03:09 am - ::looks sheepish::
Cheesy, Hi There.
Erm... updated. And about time too!

What number is this one? Hrm.
24th-Jan-2006 02:25 am - Gasp!
An update, on time even.  AND I remembered to post here.  Wow!
22nd-Jan-2006 11:09 pm - La la la.
Updates have happened.
2nd-Jan-2006 02:53 am - Update!
Finally, this storyline is complete.  Let's hope I can do better with the next. *^_^*
7th-Dec-2005 10:31 am - Oh, hey...
Er. There HAVE been updates on the comic, if you've not been checking it except when I post here. Sorry about that.
10th-Nov-2005 02:11 am - #23
...if I just counted right.

Comic up, laptop back, all should be well!
2nd-Nov-2005 10:49 am - #23, ish.
It's a comic! And it's up! Late again, but up. Woo!
21st-Oct-2005 08:41 am - ::cough::

I mean, with a comic even.

11th-Oct-2005 08:36 am - La.
A thing! Better, more informative (or at least longer) remarks in the news. ;)
5th-Oct-2005 10:15 pm(no subject)
What's up with the comic?

My laptop is dead. So... not it.

Trying to get it fixed tomorrow.

If that fails I'll try to find a way to get something there in the meantime...

Sigh. T_T
27th-Sep-2005 12:20 am - #16
Thursday's comic is up...it's now today's comic.::cough:: At least I finally managed to draw, if not quite to my satisfaction!

New page on the site, with just a little content for you all.
22nd-Sep-2005 09:20 am - Hmm.
I'm doing two a week because I don't currently have time for more, and the one-day-between thing, it occurs to me, is not working so well.  Today's comic will be up... sometime today, but I'm going to have to think about being T-F instead of T-Th.

Meanwhile... sorry!  Again.  Sigh.  Being late sucks.
20th-Sep-2005 12:39 am - #15
Yo yo ma 'cellos.  Er.  Sorry, odd mood.

Anyway, ye old comic is up, and I hope you all had a good Talk Like A Pirate day today.  Hmm.  Trudy has a tendency to look too old; I think it's her fault for dressing like she does.  That... nottramp. ::cough::

I'm making some tweaks to the site soon -- if you have any suggestions or requests, please drop a comment, eh?

<3.  See y'all Tuesday.
16th-Sep-2005 05:36 am - #14, and about time too.
Right.  It's up!  I owe you guys something nice. I'll have to think about that...
14th-Sep-2005 11:10 pm - #14: Right.
Sorry, m'loves, but I'm dead tired AND my 'net has been crap for the past several days and shows no signs of stopping (anyone know why my router might've started, er... well, "not working" every so often?  It ranges from about an hour between to a minute or less between, and it's DRIVING ME INSANE.  Not to mention every time it hangs, my CPU usage goes up to 90%+ for a moment and my entire computer pauses... that doesn't happen on the other computers, but the router issue still does.  And according to Norton, AdAware, and SpyBot, my computer's clean.). 

The upshot is: tomorrow's comic will appear sometime, er, tomorrow, rather than midnight tonight. I'm sorry!  I'm hoping to get ahead again over the weekend (@set fingers=crossed), and if I can manage that then, well, this should happen a lot less often.  Even if I get sick again.

Forgive me!  ...and also check the comic tomorrow eveningish. ;)  Oh, and the Telethon strip hasn't run yet, so there's still that, too!
14th-Sep-2005 09:33 am - #13: Yeesh!
Okay!  So sorry for the delay, but finally, it's updated.  Now to see if I can get tomorrow's done in time!  Dear me.

Don't forget to check out the Telethon!  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and eventually it'll include the reason (no, not my cold, the =other= reason) this one was late. *^_^*
13th-Sep-2005 03:44 am - #13
Comic will be late today, due to:
1) me having a hell of a cold, and
2) the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon.  I submitted one -- it'll show up... at an unpredictable time.  Even I don't know when. :)

The real update will likely occur this afternoon.  Apologies!
8th-Sep-2005 02:30 am - #12
Huzzah the second storyline!  ::does a little dance::

Let's see...  I hope the wavy lines don't drive y'all nuts, 'cause they're probably going to be around for the duration of the storyline. 

Oh, and apparently the Superintendent's clerk has some form of dwarfism.  I could say I messed up the proportions on the drawing, but instead I'll claim the district is just serious about following its equal opportunity hiring policies. *^_^*

Please read the newsbox item about the Webcomic Telethon!

And with that... see you all there, I hope, and Tuesday at the usual place.
6th-Sep-2005 02:30 am - #11
The comic, she is up!

Yay. Immodestly, I really like how Ivy and Ren came out in the last panel.
I hope the second font is legible for you guys... it's hard to find something that feels right for the voice.
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